Voice and Movement Sessions

One to one sessions

Freeing the authentic voice is also the journey of freeing and harmonising the heart, body and mind. Working with intention and drawing on the resources of various different vocal and healing practices, you will be given the support in taking the next step on your journey.

This work can meet you whether your focus is creative self-expression, healing, or developing a personal vocal and/or movement practice.



In the setting of a workshop, the power of group is brought to the work. Together we journey with sound, voice and movement, with a commitment to be guided by what the heart really needs. Just being in the company of others in a safe, non-judgemental and clear space allows the alchemy of self expression and healing to happen. And it's good fun too!


Retreat time offers the opportunity to deepen our connection to ourselves and to what matters to us. I bring a strong emphasis to our relationship with the natural world, finding much becomes possible when we bring our inner practice to meet the outer, elemental world. We will journey together to bring clarity, opening and grace to our visions for ourselves and our world.

World Heart Song Circles

Singing and chanting with intention is a powerful and ancient practice which has long been part of many cultures and healing systems. Sounding in this way can still the mind, bring healing to the body and open the heart. These circles are shared meditations in song and silence, joy and grief, laughter and reverence. We find profound shift happens in the space that we create together. 

What some other folk have said

 ‘Eliza has an amazing and gentle presence. With lightness and integrity she opens the gateway to the sacred heart of sound.’      

SN, Author, London

 'Eliza Kenyon is simply one of the most magical and heartfelt teachers of expression that I have ever met. I feel blessed to have been in her presence in India, to hear the power of her voice and then work with her to find confidence in my own.  She is patient, deeply kind, and profoundly tuned in to the places where voice resides (and hides) in the physical and emotional bodies.  Working with her, I learned how to breathe, believe, and just...LET IT OUT.  

JL Cranio Sacral therapist, Santa Fe, USA

'Eliza brought a combination of sacredness, feminine sensitivity and lightness, that together with her amazing voice and inspiring words, made the experience very special and meaningful.
In one-to-one sessions, she helped me recognise, accept and when needed, transform deeply hidden issues.
In her sound and healing workshops, I was able to express and experience many different ways of working with breath, sound, voice and words. Those were fun, heart opening and transforming.

EM Life Coach Melbourne, Australia