For me, the journey of uncovering and expressing my own unique voice and ways of moving are integral parts of living a full and rich life. I find these explorations liberating, challenging and joyous. Living with the power and alchemy of song & chant, and of movement & dance in my own life, I love to share these practices with others. 

I have sung for life and for performance since childhood, beginning vocal studies with Patricia Williams at the age of 13 and later studying with Mary King. In 1997 I completed the Knack programme at English National Opera.

In 2002 during a time of heartbreak and awakening, and after some time in exile from song, I came back to voice through the work and guidance of Nikki Slade. Free sounding and chant became and remain, key doorways for healing and transformation in my life and art.

Since that time I’ve studied in depth with Guillermo Rozenthuler, and have been blessed by inspiring musical encounters with Rajeswar Bhattacharya, Chloë Goodchild, Adrienne Thomas and Susan Elizabeth Hale. I have studied and practised yoga for 15 years and have explored various different forms of conscious movement in the last 10 years. 

I am a Yoga Alliance certified Yoga teacher, a qualified 'Yoga for the Special Child' Yoga teacher, and I also have qualifications in Counselling skills, Creative Arts Facilitation and Adult education. I am a Movement Medicine teacher in training.

I am committed to serving that which brings about the greatest clarity and peace of heart for all beings